PSE 에서 밀린 공과금 면제 신청 가능합니다.


PSE 에서 밀린 공과금 면제 신청 가능합니다.

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Energy Bill Assistance

We've launched an assistance program for our customers who may have been impacted by the pandemic. It’s called CACAP and if you qualify, we’ll credit your account for past-due balances up to $2,500. If you’ve applied before, even if you’ve already received assistance, we encourage you to reapply, as you may qualify for additional support. Also, by applying for CACAP we will automatically submit your application for HELP, our other energy assistance program, which may provide you with additional financial assistance.

퓨젯사운드 에너지 (PSE) 에서는 펜데믹으로 인하여 공과금 납부를 하지못한 사람들에 한해서 밀린 공과금 up to $2,500에 한하여 

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