WBW 워싱턴 비지니스 위크소식 (비지니스 키즈 프로그램 관련)

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WBW 워싱턴 비지니스 위크소식 (비지니스 키즈 프로그램 관련)

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Business Kids 프로그램에 관한 업데이트 인포 올립니다. 



I hope you are staying safe and doing well during this unprecedented time.  Washington Business Week has been incredibly  busy adapting to this new learning environment.   I am thrilled to report that we have adapted our program to an online learning platform and will be offering the camp virtually in June, July and August.  WBW also just launched an amazing speaker series for free for students. 

We would love your partnership and help in getting the word out to students.  Now more than ever we must offer amazing learning opportunities for our youth to grow and thrive.

I have attached flyers and links to the programs.  Any help you can provide in spreading the word is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



WBW Virtual Camp  - https://www.wbw.org/our-programs/summer/

WBW Speaker Series - https://www.wbw.org/students/speakers/


Andrea Keikkala

Executive Director

Washington Business Week
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